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Queen Honey

In 2008 Turkey launched the 10-Million-Euro Project namely “My Bee, My Honey, My Honeycomb.” Causing honey-making activities to expand since then. The Turkish Beekeepers Unions of 6 provinces, have been supported by the Ordu Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the Ordu Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen Union who are also major shareholders of the project.

Koy Sefasi

Ikram Food Inc. It is an institution that grows and becomes stronger by blending its purchases and investments entirely with its own capital with the hard work of its employees. We collect Gemlik Type olives, whose harvest time is in Gemlik, Iznik and Akhisar regions, under the control of our Food Engineers.


I really enjoyed using Aytac Foods' online services. They offer an economical solution in the UK, which is fantastic. Also, it was important for me to be able to easily reach customer service, and they made it very easy to do so. When I placed an order, they quickly resolved any issues I had, and I received my order the next day without any problems. Truly great service, I would recommend them to anyone !

marco divaio

A well stocked store with a very friendly service and courtesy.

Muhammad Azeem

I'm extremely satisfied with the delivery service provided. I've had an operation and couldn't go at to do my usual shopping. Aytac staff are very friendly, they've dealt with everything in a professional manner. I'd highly recommend Aytac foods ltd, they provide excellent quality and affordable food too. They're very reliable. I'd give 100 out of 10 because they deserve it. Thank you.

Melissa Diamond

The best variety of foods anywhere in London. From continental to Asian to healthy foods. Well over 10,000 products. Largest honey variety and great prices. Aytac Aid is also donating the proceeds to dozens of charities, local, national and international projects. Jumah facility as well

Mohammed Umair

Was looking for an item on goggle and come across this site , my first order done delivered unpacked great products , a few items out of stock and was refunded within a week , only down side with there was a search bar you can then write in what you need . Great service will be purchasing again.

Ally B Tre

Friendly people and very quick at unloading. However it took 20 minutes to drive around the building to get onto the road. There were cars, vans and lorries obstructing the drive around the warehouse. So they lose a star x

Paul Dawson

Very good quality food and discount prices for small business and very helpful people i have no words im speechless about services and the quality mashallah Allah gave more barket there business ameen
100 out of 100 quality and services 👌 👌 👌 👌

azhar abbas

Good place to shop if you have membership and like to buy in bulk

Dawood Mamoon

Buy from here regularly. All good.

Sulieman Mohammed

Masha Allah tabaraka Allah brother Rajab , may Allah increase your iman , ur health you’re a true example for the community, keep it up akhi

Ali Mahad

Awesome, All asian nd Caribbean spices nd much more👍🏻👍🏻

Seemi Teemi

Good price and nice staff

Alaa A

Grand Opening Aytac @ TRS Southall Warehouse

Special Promotions! Asian Caribbean Mediterranean Cuisine Products! It's all waiting for you in Southall...

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Aytac Black Premium Campet Olive 900G
Aytac Black Premium Campet Olive 900Gx6
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Larissa Black Whole Olives 935G
Larissa Black Whole Olives 935Gx6
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Koy Sefasi Gold Mega Black Olive 800G
Koy Sefasi Gold Mega Black Olive 800Gx8
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Cartier Black Whole Olives 1KG
Cartier Black Whole Olives 1KGx12
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DescriptionIntroducing Aytac Black Premium Campet Olive, the perfect addition to any meal! These olives are carefully selected and handpicked for... Guaranteed fresh and genuine in every detail, Larissa Black Whole olives are selected for their rich taste, and delicate flavor.... These premium delicious black olive with natural flavor are certified halal and are completely suitable for vegetarians. This 800 grams... Guaranteed fresh and genuine in every detail, Cartier Black Whole olives are selected for their rich taste, fruity and delicate...